por Eduardo Biz

Para Mark Evans, a faca funciona como um pincel, e o couro como tela. É assim que o a artista constrói imagens incríveis em peles de animais. Genial, não?

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16 Respostas para “ARTE NO COURO

  1. The thing I love about art is that it can take so many forms, and what is equally impressive is how so many artist come up with new ways to prove that fact. This is very cool.

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  3. oh wow an artist AND an animal killer..
    do you even know how many animals die from the making of real leather??

  4. Tinha visto a imagem do boxeador outro dia, mas não as outras, demais!
    Se me permite, vou roubar as imagens pra colocar no meu blog, com fonte! =D
    Passa lá pra dar uma olhada depois! abraços

  5. This Is more than just killing an animal for the hyde. It’s finding a use for the animal as a whole. You can eat the tasty steaks and enjoy the arts too!

  6. Great — wall decorations for the Wilson’s Leather outlet @ Mall of America!

  7. stop freaking about the use of animal hides and just enjoy his talent.

  8. you sound so damn ignorant

  9. What an incredible talent. And Darcy, I’m pretty sure he himself didn’t kill the animal for the leather, so don’t call him an animal killer, it makes you sound insufferably self-righteous. Animals are humanely killed for consumption and the leftover parts are utilized to minimize waste, this is a fact of life. If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all. You P.E.T.A. people are such damn hypocrites. Unless you’re a true Vegan and utilize as well as wear absolutely nothing with even animal by-product, you’ve really no place to talk. This is art, not animal murder.

    • Well Aeris, if what you call “humanely killed” is shocking an animal to supposedly stun him (which often times does not happen) then hanging him by his hind legs as workers cut open their throats (again often times not successfully thorough) before they are put on a “bleeder” to supposedly bleed out the animal (which is still alive due to not having his throat sliced well enough) where other workers then begin to sever the skin from his head as he kicks and screams, cause he does feel the pain, then jabbed in the spinal cord to paralyze the animal for the neck down so the workers can continue to skin him, still alive and feeling the pain…if you call that humane…you’re a terrible person.

      Though this man has major talent, I think he could have found artistic irony in something less, tactless. I’m not accusing him of killing this animal, he could have easily bought the hide from someplace. I just wanted to correct what was said.

      • ur mom is humane

      • Um like wow

        You have completely changed my view of the way animals are killed… oh, wait. No you didn’t. I just feel like i spent a few minutes reading pure stupidity. You have successfully made yourself sound like an idiot from PETA who has no clue what is and is not real or inhumane.

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